Are nelly and ashanti still dating 2016 whos dating simon cowell

“I thought that this show could be different in the sense of showing that a single father and being a black man; [although] I’m not married, I’m always there for my children as much as possible,” the rapper said.

“I don’t even have my heels on yet,” exclaims Ashanti, thinking she might be able to prep before we meet.

She appears alongside Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone, and Courtney Cox.

Ashanti’s known for dodging personal questions, but this afternoon she’s candid and forthcoming, opening up about the impact the epidemic has had on her.

star Nelly is opening up about his new show set to premiere on BET November 25.

The biological father of two and adopted father of two says that creating his new reality show would demonstrate fathers in a positive light.