Are kitty pryde and danny brown dating

Brown has, to some extent, been blamed for being the victim.

" Brown replied, " Additionally, a fan posted this before attending the show: "@naughtyahhhh: I've done a lot of weird, wild, and inappropriate things at triple rock, but tonight I'm trying to hop on @xdannyxbrownx 's c*ck." Could this be the culprit?

Another rapper, Kendrick Lamar, tweeted Brown asking “U really just got the h— on stage stanny???

” Brown reportedly replied, “didn’t miss one bar” – but the tweet has since been deleted. Danny Brown backed away the moment he was approached by the woman. Danny Brown is currently touring with a female rapper who goes by the name ‘Kitty Pryde’ – her real name is Kathryn Beckwith.

Some online commentators have mentioned that Brown raps frequently about sex, and his lyrics are highly sexualized.

Both of these facts have been used to ‘explain away’ what happened to Brown on stage.