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The whole bloodletting fiasco and my disgust in it inspired me to start speaking on the topic. I have other things I am working on as well, but it's too early to share the details just yet.

I don't get why men and women can't work together without people thinking something must be going on. the paranormal is finding itself in a dangerous place due to the overall lack of ethics.

His small stature did nothing to aid in the distance required to be a truly good golfer, but it was his keen eye for the greens that kept others from wagering too great a bet once the tad of a man had a putter in his hand.

I personally am still turned off by it due to the bloodletting that took place on it.

I took it as a huge compliment to be the first female co-lead and had looked forward to seeing the world.

I am very, VERY happy for her and I can't wait to meet her little girl.

I have always loved traveling and history and the idea of working internationally really appealed to me.

So, when I was asked if I wanted to make the jump from GH investigator to GHI team co-lead I wasn't about to say no. I will not be filling in for Grant, I will not be filling in for Amy.

Are barry and kris from ghi dating