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The parents were at the Sheraton at ; one in the nest and the other on the adjacent ledge with a meal. It has made me most happy to watch the chicks go from little white fluff balls to handsome young juveniles. ANOTHER COOL DAY Saturday July 7, 2018 - Falconwatch Coordinator Sara Shwadchuck reports: Just as I arrived at 9am, a chick flew to the west side ledge of BDC.The other two chicks were resting on a west side window ledge of Stelco and I also saw a meal on the ledge.When I left one chick was on Standard Life and two others on Stelco.FURTHER AFIELD Wednesday July 4, 2018 - Falconwatch Coordinator Chelsea Decoster reports: Before my shift, Sara told me that she had seen falcons flying and talon touching in the Bay St. / Duke Street area - they are moving farther afield every day!I observed one of the falcons on the CDI College building for a couple of minutes. One of the chicks was seen flying to a window ledge on the NE side of David Braley. The other two chicks were on the lower roof of David Braley, SE side.One of the chicks was eating and the other was perched close by.

During the morning they were seen on their usual spots: Stelco, BDC and Sheraton.

One of the chicks on the Stelco window ledge flew off the ledge and circled the building, landing on the SW corner.

A parent was also perched on a SW corner of Stelco. There was not much activity seen for the remainder of my morning shift.

One had food in his talons, and landed on top of City Hall after the one with food made a brief stop on the north duck of Homewood.

The one with food ate on top of City Hall, while the other perched close by for a few minutes and then flew towards Homewood and then east.