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Telford is named after the civil engineer Thomas Telford who was renowned for his road and canal projects in Shropshire.

We’d see the nervousness in each other’s eyes, but we kept it from affecting our performance.

By Janet and Kathy Lennon On Christmas Eve 1955, we Lennon Sisters, then ages 9-16, were preparing to make our first appearance on The Lawrence Welk Show, which was in its first season on TV.

Just before the live broadcast, someone from one of the show’s sponsors said to us, “Only 30 million people are watching…” Kathy remembers herself and Peggy just staring at each other.

We have wonderful memories of making annual visits to our Great-Uncle Max’s apricot ranch north of Los Angeles.

For a week or so every year, we picked fruit, went fishing and sold apricots at a roadside stand.