Accommodating culturally diverse learners

We're thrilled to offer a selection of pre-conference workshops at an additional cost.These programs are meant for attendees with varying professional experiences so please review the description to determine which one to select at the time of registration.This preconference workshop will offer theoretical framing, introduce programmatic approaches, lead interactive exercises for considering your own institutional needs, and offer key takeaways for advancing persistence and retention programs from initial student transition through post-completion.In this pre-conference session, participants will learn what it takes to create a robust emergency aid program at their institution.

Consult the new Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada home page or the new Indigenous Services Canada home page.

Emergency aid is an effective tool that institutions use to retain those students who are faced with an unexpected financial crisis.

Resources such as housing or food assistance, emergency loans, and grants can help alleviate the financial strain a student may face on their path to a degree.

However, for emergency aid programs to make the most impact, institutions must partake in a highly collaborative, well-coordinated effort.

Cancellation: The cancellation deadline to receive a refund is April 6, 2018 less a .00 administrative fee.