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It does not provide sufficient information for mitigation when a roost is already present.

Work on existing roosts should be covered by a Natural England EPS licence.

In a recent survey, 61 percent of respondents reported being employed during pregnancy.Different bat species select different types of roosts in buildings since they look for sites comparable to those chosen in natural habitats.Bats that use buildings can generally be divided into four categories, although there is regional variation and some species can occupy more than one category: Creating roosts in buildings The advice below describes general principles to consider when providing new roost spaces for bats.To make its position among other things contributes the availability of a private car parking.Within 300 metres away you find a typical Sorrentine beach “La Marinella” and a splendid terrace overlooking the sea.It is always best to provide a number of different options for bats, so that they can choose the right roost with a temperature based on their needs.: British bats feed on insects which are scarce in the winter. Like us, bats are looking for shelter that is clean (free of disease and parasites), comfortable (protected from the weather) and secure (safe from predators and disturbance).However, bats also have unique requirements and may live in several different roosts throughout the year depending on their seasonal needs. Mother bats gather together and find somewhere warm to rear their young called a maternity roost.Here a charming scene is opened thanks to which it is possible to admire the bay of Sorrento, the entire Gulf of Naples and the Vesuvius.The shopping areas of Sorrento and Sant’Agnello are only ten minutes walking distance.