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mixed-reality solutions, a market estimated to reach USD 80 billion in 2025.Realfiction’s first product, Dreamoc, has since its launch sold over 10.000 units and the company has now launched its new patent-pending technology Deep Frame, a series of ground-breaking large format mixed-reality screens.In addition, 1CT Management Ap S, in which Bruun is a general partner, holds 120 750 warrants in Realfiction Holding AB.Søren Jonas Bruun owned and served as board member of the company Ap S on . A dismissed partner in 1CT's first venture fund made major claims.Kjær comes most recently from the position as CEO of F Group A/S since 2001.Previously he has also served as CEO, Sales Manager and Marketing Manager at Fredgaard Radio A/S.1CT Management Ap S, in which Max is a partner, holds 120,750 warrants in Realfiction Holding AB.Clas Dyrholm, born 1974, is co-founder of and CEO of Realfiction.

Peter Max is independent of major shareholders in the Company. Max privately owns no shares in Realfiction Holding AB.

In addition, Michael Kjær has not been active in companies affected by bankruptcy, forced into liquidation or bankruptcy management during the last five years.

Søren Jonas Bruun, born in 1961, holds an executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School and a background in technology and international affairs, but has also been active in business banking, corporate finance and industry work.

Michael Kjær privately owns 135 286 shares in Realfiction Holding AB, equivalent to approximately 1.2 percent.

F GROUP A / S entered into reconstruction in Denmark in February 2016.