7 rules for dating

Teach your kids to never send their Social Security numbers, bank information or any usernames and passwords to anyone they’ve met online.

Never send money for any reason, even if the person claims it’s an emergency.

Your children should also keep full names, birthdates, addresses and other personal information private until they feel they know and trust the people they’re talking to.

Some major dating apps connect through Facebook and display some of your public information to potential matches.

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Kids should also tell friends or family where they’ll be and always have an exit strategy just in case.

Limit this shared information by updating your Facebook – and other social accounts’ – privacy settings and keeping as little information public as possible.

If your children feel uncomfortable having a dating app linked to their Facebook, they can try a different app that allows them to sign in without connecting their account.

OK, maybe my dating life shouldn’t be rolled into a David vs Goliath metaphor.

I can, however, take this opportunity to learn from past attempts and offer some guidelines for how to navigate through the battle that is dating—specifically the Before you question the validity of my advice (lack of college credentials aside) I come armed with a conglomerate of experiences from men, women, old, young, some named David, none skilled in the art of rock slinging.